What is Offline Marketing?

Any type of marketing which is done without the use of internet is known as offline marketing. This is also known as traditional way of marketing  but it is very effective when we have to reach mass audience in the nearby areas.

There are various forms of offline marketing and every form have different audience. It is not necessary that one who watches television will also read the newspaper. So, we can advertise with different media.

Ways for Offline Marketing

1) Newspaper

Newspaper can be used for reaching the mass audience and can also be targeted to areas we want. There are many copies circulated on the daily basis and advertisement can be shown to audience.

It is effective way to reach the audience by displaying the advertisement on the first page but it is costly as well. So, budget also plays an important role.

2) Events

Promotion through events is a great way to showcase your product to audience. It gives audience to see, touch and feel the product. In case of services, seminar is a good option to reach the audience and make them understand your service.

Event hosting is costly a but highly effective if done in the right manner and strategy. It gives new audience to the business as it is done in different parts of the cities. So, targeting the area is also easy. 

3) TV & Radio

TV and radio ads raise brand awareness to an audience that doesn’t use the internet much. These ads can also engage with the intended audience considering videos and audio can be more engaging than text alone.

TV and radio ads usually consist of 15-30 second spots. They’re played during commercial breaks or in-between programs.

You can strategically buy ad spots where an ideal audience of yours is watching. For instance, if you’re a vitamin supplement, you can place your ad during the commercial break of a health and wellness program.

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